When yesterdays activities limit the quality of your life today, we can help you heal for tomorrow.

About us

Our story began over 30 years ago, when our senior director, Dr. John Wertin and his wife Karen, began serving Manhattan, Kan. with a Chiropractic office. After a few years of solo practice, it became clear that Dr. John’s unique style of Chiropractic was catching on — he had patients from several miles away coming to Manhattan for care.

In 1983 he renovated the Free Methodist Church built in 1923 at 823 Poyntz Avenue in Manhattan, Kansas and founded the Alternative Healthcare Center. His vision was to bring in another Chiropractor to the main location and then to add other AHC Doctors in the surrounding communities that several of his patients were traveling from.

Currently, there are six AHC doctors in four different locations. In each of these locations, you will find caring Chiropractors, proud to be known as an AHC doctor and highly skilled in the specialized technique that Dr. John has spent his entire career developing and innovating into a Chiropractic adjustment that stands alone with its results.

The Chiropractic Group

Welcome to AHC, a group of doctors committed to providing a viable alternative to drugs and surgery. Our daily goal is to offer affordable, professional care to suit each patient’s circumstances — nothing more, nothing less.

Our style of Chiropractic is unique; it’s old-school philosophy blended with new-school technology. We believe that the body is self-healing and, given the chance, can produce incredible results.

Alternative Health Care