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Arthritis and Rheumatism

As a child growing up, I watched my grandparents (and later, my parents) live with stoic acceptance of aches and pains that they classed under the headings of “arthritis” and “rheumatism.” There was a deep-seated suspicion of chiropractors, who were referred to as “powwow doctors.”

How nice — and, for me, fortunate — it has been to be introduced to advanced licensed chiropractic care, which is teaching me to keep in close touch with my body’s signals, and providing me with proper adjustments that prevent physical and physiological changes that could result in serious conditions. I’m especially grateful for Dr. John Wertin’s research into adjustments of the hyoid. This is the major factor responsible for my continued singing appearances, and also has virtually eliminated my memory of sore throats, even with a bad cold or flu! With Dr. Hamler and Dr. Wertin available, the whole business of getting older is a more pleasant and manageable (and comfortable) affair. Thanks! – Jean S.

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