Our style of chiropractic is unique; it’s old-school philosophy aligned with new-school technology.

It’s an alternative, based on the understanding that the body is self-healing, and given the opportunity, it can do so.

We offer our patients a professional and affordable chiropractic experience that’s both patient-focused and results-driven. We always welcome and look forward to serving existing and new patients alike.

Full Spine PlusTM is our signature service: at each and every visit, we perform an evaluation of the full spine. It’s followed by a chiropractic adjustment, administered with an instrument, making it very specific, safe and effective. Plus, we address any other affected areas, such as TMJ, shoulder, knee, etc. In addition, other issues we need to consult on, such as nutrition or exercise, help our patients respond and heal to the best of their potential.

One professional service,
one affordable fee.
No insurance neCessary.

*Some restrictions may apply


(ages 13-64)


Seniors (65+)


Sprouts (12 and under)