Our providers are committed to helping you heal for tomorrow.

Dr. Jake Priddle

Dr. Priddle grew up in Manhattan and first experienced chiropractic while playing baseball at Manhattan High School. After months of not being able to run without excruciating pain, he had his first breakthrough following chiropractic treatment. This instance, combined with seeing his father’s impact as an M.D. led to his desire to help people. Dr. Priddle obtained a nutritional sciences degree from Kansas State University before graduating from Cleveland University in the Fall of 2021. He is thrilled to be back in Manhattan and serve the community with attentive and personal care.

Dr. Jarod Zabel

After experiencing chiropractic and instrument adjusting at Alternative Health Care, as a high school student and athlete at Rock Creek, he decided to pursue his passion for chiropractic. Graduating from Kansas State University, then Logan College of Chiropractic, summa cum laude in 2009. He holds an Advanced Proficiency Rating with Activator Method®, the original instrument adjusting technique. He now finds himself “back home” with a thriving practice, his beautiful wife, Sheila, and their three inspiring children, Nora, Bennett, and Ada.

Dr. Kaylea Pearson

After experiencing chiropractic and instrument adjusting at Alternative Health Care, as a high school student and athlete at Riley County (Kaylea Goff), she decided to pursue her passion for chiropractic.
Graduating from Kansas State University, then Cleveland University, formerly Cleveland Chiropractic College, magna cum laude in 2016. She joined Alternative Health Care in 2018, as an excellent addition for all our patients, she also leads our practice with chiropractic care for our infants and children. Her and her husband, Christian, enjoy being “back home” and she looks forward to serving our patients, of all ages, for many years to come.

Dr. Michael Hamler

Dr. Hamler first experienced chiropractic at the age of 16. After an auto accident left his spine in a mess, he was treated and responded well to an osteopathic spinal manipulation by his family doctor. After discussing his experience with the local chiropractor in his hometown, Dr. Steven Baker, he shadowed him to experience a chiropractic adjustment administered with an instrument. It’s was exactly then and there, that he knew that his life’s work would be a chiropractor that utilized this same type of adjustment. After graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1988, he sought out the most effective and successful instrument adjusting practice in Kansas — and Alternative Health Care Center and Dr. Wertin is what he found. He began his practice here and still practices today with a simple philosophy of treating his patients with the same love and respect as if they were members of his own family.

Dr. John Wertin, Retired, May 2020

Dr. Wertin was born in northeast Kansas as the second of eleven children. His family had many chiropractic miracles that did not respond to medical care, such as his mother’s frozen and painful shoulder (likely from carrying 11 kids); doctors suggested exploratory surgery. His father fell out of a tree while cutting limbs and broke his back. Doctors told him he was crippled for life. After that, his brother experienced asthma. Dr. Wertin’s turn with traditional medicine came next, having encountered three serious concussions. He suffered as a walking coma case with severe brain dysfunction.
All of these health problems were resolved with chiropractic care, and it quickly became no wonder that he wanted to become a chiropractor. Chiropractic care changed his life and countless others. Our practice truly offers an alternative, using safe and natural methods.