When yesterdays activities limit the quality of your life today, we can help you heal for tomorrow.

The Chiropractic Group

Welcome to AHC, a group of doctors committed to providing a viable alternative to drugs and surgery. Our daily goal is to offer affordable, professional care to suit each patient’s circumstances — nothing more, nothing less.

Our style of Chiropractic is unique; it’s old-school philosophy blended with new-school technology. We believe that the body is self-healing and, given the chance, can produce incredible results.

Getting Started

Please feel free to contact any of our offices to check on an appointment as a new patient. A complimentary consultation is always welcome.


Migraine Headaches

Over the last three or four years, I have suffered from migraine headaches. My family physician continually prescribed narcotic drugs to help relieve the pain. I regularly receive adjustments for various reasons and had indicated I had been suffering from headaches to my regular chiropractor.

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